1. Applicable Law

The applicable law for the company Prager-IT e.U. which is operated out of Austria, Graz is the austrian law.

2. Jurisdiction and Venue

Prager-IT e.U. is a company operated out of Austria and falls under austrian jurisdiction. It is registered at the Landesgericht fuer Zivilrechtssachen Graz, Marburger Kai 49, 8010 Graz. The venue for any law suits shall be Austria in the city of Graz.

3. Liability

Prager-IT e.U. assigns address space in good faith and according to the RIPE NCC's guidelines and regulations. Any misconduct is without Prager-IT e.U.'s knowledge and without Prager-IT e.U.'s consent. Therefore Prager-IT e.U. is not liable for any misconduct of its clients.

4. Usage of Internet Protocol(IP) Resources

Prager-IT e.U. expects normal use related to general legitimate web hosting activities. Additionally you have to adhere to the RIPE NCC's rules which govern the usage of said address space.

Forbidden Activities :: This list is not exhaustive and should be used as a baseline

Copyright infringing activities are strictly forbidden.

Any form of spamming is strictly forbidden.

Torrent Directories and Trackers linking to copyrighted content are strictly forbidden.

Illegal activities are strictly forbidden.

Denial of Service attacks are strictly forbidden.

Tor entry, relay and exit nodes are strictly forbidden.

5. User Tracking and Cookies

This website uses cookies and employs user tracking. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies and user tracking. This notice is also displayed at the Legal Notice section and therefore Prager-IT e.U. firmly believes to have sufficiently informed users of this Website.

6. Payment

Unless stated otherwise payment is due immediately. Prager-IT e.U. only accepts Bank Transfers. Should a client not pay their bill on time Prager-IT e.U. reserves the right to terminate the contract.

7. Cancellation and black listed IP Addresses

If clients are in good standing they may cancel at the end of their contract length. Should no contract length be defined they may cancel at any time during the month, the effective cancellation date will be the end of the month. Should the address space of the customer in question contain black listed IP addresses Prager-IT e.U. may charge a cleanup fee of EUR 10, plus VAT if applicable, for each black listed IP address. The Spamhaus zen.spamhaus.org blacklist shall be used to indicate whether an IP address is to be considered blacklisted or not.

8. Due Diligence and Confidentiality

During the validation process various documents may be requested. Any documentation provided will only be used for validation purposes. Any documents provided will not be distributed, traded, sold or given out to anyone and kept private. This clause does not apply to Law enforcement or Government bodies who have authority to claim a clients information.

9. Sale of Business

Should Prager-IT e.U. be sold you agree that your information and contracts will be transferred to the buyer of the Business. In the case of a sale of the business all contracts will remain in tact and cannot be amended.

10. Use of common sense in regards to the usage of Internet Protocol(IP) Resources

Clients are required to use common sense when they are in doubt if an activity is acceptable. Prager-IT e.U. reserves the right to terminate the contract if the client in question shows a repeated lack thereof.